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"Dear Sir,  I'm a 17 year old high school student. I run track ALL year. I also suffer from asthma. Since I started taking your Bee Caps, I have not had to use my inhaler and have had my medication cut down..."

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Why Nature Cure?

For high quality nutrition products at reasonable prices!

Our bee caps are an economical way to achieve better health, vitality and well-being. For only 66¢ per day, you can feel more refreshed and energized while also boosting your immune system and brain function.

The most perfect food supplement money can buy, our bee caps are a body-charging blend of the beehive's four elements:

  • Bee Propolis — nature's most potent antibiotic
  • Bee Pollen — often called nature's most "perfect" food
  • Royal Jelly — a natural rejuvenator
  • Raw Honey — an instant energy builder

Far more beneficial than any supplement created in a lab, our bee caps contain ALL of the known vitamins, minerals and nutrients considered ESSENTIAL by the National Research Council.

Our bee caps and other products are synergistically formulated and contain only necessary ingredients in order to ensure effectiveness.

We guarantee:

  • No Substitutions
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Fillers
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Products
  • Adherence to FDA Guidelines
  • High Levels of Quality Control

For your peace of mind, we ensure our products contain only the very best ingredients by cooperating exclusively with FDA-approved licensed suppliers.

For a balanced nutrition profile, we recommend taking four bee caps per day, two with breakfast and two with dinner or supper. Heavier people may want to take more bee caps per day, and lighter people less — it all depends on you. To obtain the full benefits of our bee caps, it's best to experiment. Substitute your dinnertime bee caps with two at lunch if you find they keep you up at night, or take just one at night or even three at lunch. Again, experimenting is key!

People of all ages and from all walks of life enjoy the energizing and nutritional benefits of our bee caps, but don't just take our word for it.

See for yourself what our customers have to say about our bee caps!*

Dear Sir,

I'm a 17 year old high school student. I run track ALL year. I also suffer from asthma. Since I started taking your Bee Caps I have not had to use my inhaler and have had my medication cut down from three times a day to twice a day. My times have improved dramatically. I find I can breathe better and find, without the Bee Caps, I need to use my inhaler to breathe at the end of a race. Next fall I will be going off to college and plan on running for the college track team. Without the Bee Caps I know I would not be able to run. So don't stop selling them. I have not found anything that has helped nearly as much.

Thank You.

Bill S. - New York
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Thought I would write a note to you letting you know how great I think your product Bee Caps is.

All through my life I've been a victim of hay fever. The only times I did not was when I was living in Key West and on board an aircraft carrier at sea (I was allergic to ragweed).

Last summer (1992) I decided to try your Bee Caps. I did not have any hay fever at all and we were living in the 1000 Islands area of the St. Laurence River where I always got it the third week of August every year.

The Bee Caps worked for me and you can be sure I'll be taking them from now on. I've recommended them to many friends and family.


Bill N. Captain Retired – Florida
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Dear Nature Cure,

I would like to share with you my experience with Nature Cure Bee Caps.

I am a 58 year old male and, as we all know, the older you get the harder it is to lose weight. I was seated at the table of a small restaurant (which also sold the products) which displayed Nature Cure placemats, explaining the benefits of using Bee Caps. I began to read. It sounded too good to be true, in fact, it sounded so good I just had to try them. In four months, without any effort whatsoever, I lost 50 pounds! I did not experience the headaches associated with starving yourself, I simply did not have the appetite I normally had. I felt more energetic and, basically felt a lot better.

Thank you for Bee Caps, they truly are a wonderful product.

Very truly yours,

C.C. – New York
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Dear Nature Cure Distributor:

I have just started using your Bee Caps two weeks ago and to my surprise I have more energy, I sleep better and am more alert on my job. I have noticed that I can handle the everyday pressures. I had no idea such a product would be so beneficial to my mental and physical health. I am looking forward to using this product and living a happier, healthier life.

Sincerely yours,

Melvin P. – New York
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Dear Sir,

I wanted to thank you for Nature Cure's Bee Caps. They are wonderful.

I have been having trouble with my hormones and am unable to take prescribed hormones. My husband found the Bee Caps in Pennsylvania and brought me home a bottle.

I have been taking them for one month and can tell a big difference. I was having a lot of fluid build-up in my body. Since I have been taking Bee Caps I no longer have this problem at all.

I think you have a remarkable and workable supplement. It has worked for me from fluid build-up to reducing stress and many more ways I sure I am not aware of as yet.

I know raw honey works also, as I've been taking that for two years and have no problems with allergies or sinus anymore.

Back to NATURE is what it's all about.

Thanks again for this wonderful product.

Mrs. Paul J – Alabama
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Hi Tony at Nature Cure,

Thanks for sending us the Bee Caps so quickly. With three of us using them we were just about out.

We've all found that we have more energy and fewer aches and pains than we did before Bee Caps. As a middle aged nurse, I was bothered by arthritis and my back pain and thankfully these tablets help.

My daughters, aged 19 and 23, find they have more stamina for their busy schedules at college and seem to have fewer health problems.

Keep up the good work!

Gail G – New Jersey
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To Whom This May Concern.

The closest place in which I know where to get your Nature Cure Bee Caps is in Pennsylvania. And I really don't go there. My uncle had picked this up for me when I broke out with shingles. My doctor had warned me about stress and also that my skin would dry, die and scar. I started using Bee Caps the day I was diagnosed with shingles. I use two in the morning and two after dinner.

I didn't want to admit to my Uncle that this was a cure all but… the burning pain in my should by the third day was almost gone, my skin did not die, turn black or peel. It has only been two weeks but I see no scarring. And on top of all of this I have always had a problem with acne (not a face full, just three here, three there, enough to bother me) and red veins on my nose and "pot holes" where acne used to be. Well my face is clearing up. After hundreds of "acne cures" and 16 years of piling on make-up to hide the flaws.

My family and husband noticed! I have a natural glow.

I don't know if you could imagine the pain I had in my right shoulder. Before I broke out with the shingles I swore I had arthritis. I could not take deep breaths or walk fast. Now I have to admit to you, my Uncle and anybody else that these Bee Caps probably did help cure me. I was also on medication but they were not for pain!

Thank you,

Mrs. Susan K – New Jersey
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Dear Nature Cure,

I have been taking Bee Caps daily for the past few months and have never felt better. Indeed, I visited my family doctor last week and he pronounced me "in excellent health" after and extended period of low energy and general malaise. I can only attribute this return to feeling good to the addition of Bee Caps to my diet.

Thank you for making Bee Caps available to the public. I will call you soon to order more.


Judy C – New York
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Dear Tony,

About a year ago my wife and I stopped at a restaurant in Conklin, NY on our way back from the southern US.

The restaurant had a placemat advertising Bee Caps along with your address and some other info about the product itself.

We know about bees and we knew about honey, but we didn't know about Bee Caps till that minute.

I've had continuous high blood pressure since 1977 and, in spite of two by-pass surgeries and two heart attacks and numerous different types of heart drugs, high blood pressure prevailed.

I read the information on the placemat and decided to order a supply from you. My attitude was "I'll try anything that there's even a small chance of help for my blood pressure problem."

While your labels make no claims of cures for illness they do state that the Bee Caps could contribute to general well-being. What an understatement!!

Since April of 1992 my blood pressure has gone steadily down from the 195 over 95 range to the 130 over 80 range and just last week it came in at 120 over 78 – OPTIMUM. A miracle, and I feel great generally, better than I have in fifteen years.

My wife now takes Bee Caps and she seems to be enjoying better health. My cousin in Conklin, NY complained of high blood pressure a few months ago so I gave him a supply of Bee Caps. His blood pressure is now near normal and he is taking the Bee Caps regularly. We are now giving a supply to one of my wife's co-workers who has high blood pressure.

THANK YOU, TONY, FOR BEE CAPS. I don't know what medical science says about Bee Caps, but they're at the top of my list and I'll keep taking them regularly. I'll continue telling others about them too.

Sincere best regards,

John E. - Ontario, Canada
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Nature Cure,

This is to let you know how pleased we are with the Bee Caps.

My mother, who is 92, and I both take them and we both feel much better and have much more energy.

Also, the fact that we don't have to take an assortment of various vitamins.

Thank you,

Marie T
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Dear Sir,

Please send me another one month's supply of Bee Caps.

I really feel much better since taking it. Also, my husband is taking it too.

Thank you,

Ann A. – New York
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Dear Sirs,

In July of this year, I read about your Bee Caps. At the time, I was having terrible problems with my lower back. I was at the doctor and received pain pills, used a heating pad and liniment. Nothing seemed to work. I finally went to a chiropractor. After x-rays, he told me I had arthritis of the lower back and hip joints. I began taking Bee Caps every day. Today, my back and hips are almost normal. I have very little pain – almost none. I'm very happy I have found your product.

Thanks very much.


Mark C – Florida
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Dear Nature Cure,

Thank you!!! For almost 18 years I have suffered from what doctors have labeled hormonal acne.

Prescription after prescription have produced little or no relief from the itching and irritation.

My mom introduced me to your Bee Caps (for fatigue) and after four days there is such a noticeable improvement in my complexion, that my husband and two children now take the Bee Caps also.

I believe this is a God-given product and I pray for its success in reaching millions of people.

Joni H – New York
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Dear Sir,

When I called to reorder more Bee Caps, you said you would give me a free bottle if I wrote you a letter. I'd like you to know I'm not just writing this letter for that reason, but that I really "bee-lieve" in your product.

My brother-in-law rented a condo in the Poconos and invited us along. After church on Sunday morning we decided to eat breakfast before checking out more scenery. We stopped at a small restaurant in Stroudsburg, PA, I believe it was. We had passed several restaurants and I was wondering why we ended up at this one. As we were waiting for our meal, I read the placemat which had the information on the Bee Caps. I noticed that 3 or 4 things pertained to my health. Mostly a darn ulcer which I was getting close to the end of my rope with. I read the material and said to myself, "Oh, this is probably one of those scam products". I had taken, some years back, a diet product which gave me gall bladder problems and resulted in a gall bladder operation. A lady was taking this product also and ended up with the same results. Later on I found out it indeed did cause the problems for some people. Now you know why I was such a doubting Thomas. When I read about the Pope and Royal Jelly I thought no honest person would use the Pope as a reference if it wasn't true, so I decided to give it a try.

I no longer take Mylanta daily (once in a while I have a bout when I eat something). I had bleeding hemorrhoids, which no longer bleed, and I had two bouts with bronchitis, one at Christmas time and one at Easter time.

I feel much stronger now and much better than I have felt in a long time. My mother was from the "old country" and had a strong belief in honey for a cure for colds. She would heat up lemonade, honey and whiskey. Boy it always helped my and besides that I didn't mind being sick. This was for chest colds.

I'd also like to thank you for sending me the Bee Caps before I sent the money. Not very many people trust others that much anymore. I hope you don't get taken by a dishonest person.

Good luck in your business venture. I hope you have a Rochester dealer soon.


Betty B – New York

P.S. Thank you for making this product available.
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Dear Nature Cure,

Sorry my payment is so late! I just wanted to let you know that I love your product. I really do feel great! I'm always full of energy and don't require nearly as much sleep.

I've told many friends about your product and hope they will try it too.

You have a very satisfied customer and [I] will continue buying your product. Thanks!


Sandy H
(*Results may vary)

These Bee Caps are great!! We (my husband and I) have improved energy levels – we sleep better at night – my allergy headaches have been greatly reduced along with my appetite. I've lost about four pounds without trying.

You'll be hearing from us again in about 1 month.

Cindy D
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Dear People,

I am the person who has been buying the Bee Caps at the Fairview Restaurant in Whitney Point, NY.

Among other physical problems that I have, is arthritis. My left hand was very swollen and a dark red color. As soon as I started taking Bee Caps, I noticed the swelling going down and I could close my hand and I had a stronger grip. It has been almost a month since I started taking the Bee Caps and my hand is the same color as the other one. I do not have as much pain in my other physical problems.

They told me at the Fairview Restaurant that you wanted me to write to you.

My parents had honey for food for us and also used it for medicinal purposes.

My family has also had honey as they were growing up.

I have bought eight bottles from the Fairview Restaurant – three bottles for my husband and I, one bottle for a son, each of my two granddaughters a bottle and two friends asked me to get them each a bottle.

My one granddaughter has M.S. and she had overworked and had bursitis in her shoulder. She told me there was less pain in her shoulder area after taking Bee Caps.

I am glad you are selling Bee Caps.

Respectfully Yours,

Blanch W. – New York
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Just a line to let you know Bee Caps are for me. I have much more energy, and don't get as tired. Yes I get tired, what 68 year old wouldn't, but it is a different tired. I work an 8 hour day and still come home to mow the lawn and do house work. It's so surprising what a change the Bee Caps have made.

Thanks for Bee Caps.

Mrs. Cleara M – New York
(*Results may vary)

I have been bothered with pain from arthritis and have also suffered from depression for several months. I had no desire or ambition to work or even enjoy any physical activity.

Four days after starting to use the Bee Caps, I noted a marked improvement in ambition. I really felt like doing something! I can't say that the pain is completely gone, but it is so much better and my flexibility has improved also.

I am recommending Bee Caps to my friends "in trouble" and am anxiously waiting to see their good results.


Lois M – New York
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Dear Sir,

I would like to know if you could tell me where I could buy Nature Cure Bee Caps, my sister and I bought some on our way back from Tennessee and I really like them. They make me feel better.

Thank you,

Mrs. Jean S. – Pennsylvania
(*Results may vary)

Dear Bee Caps,

I purchased a bottle of your product recently when I was in the Harrisburg area. You have a good product.

I also write because I understand distributorships are available.

Please send particulars. Thank you.


J.R. S. – Georgia
(*Results may vary)

Dear Donna,

I would like to give you an update on what is happening. I have felt great. I have had bronchitis only once this winter. No colds. Also no more bloating when eating. I have not taken a Tums for months.

I have a blood problem called "Polycythemia". My body makes too many red cells. When my GCB reading was 50 I go to the hospital and have a pint of blood removed. This brings the count down. I usually have this done 3 or 4 times a year. I was just in hospital to have a pint taken last week for the first time since October 1994. What can I say except "Praise the Lord" for Bee Caps.

A friend,

Donna T.
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If you'd like to take a preventative and natural approach to your health (and get the very best products for the least amount of money), our bee caps and other products can change your life!

You can order your supply of bee caps here.

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