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Bee Caps

The active ingredients in our Bee Caps are bursting with the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that are necessary to a healthy, well-balanced diet.

For a balanced nutrition profile, we recommend taking four Bee Caps per day, two with breakfast and two with dinner or supper. Heavier people may want to take more Bee Caps per day, and lighter people less — it all depends on you. To obtain the full benefits of our Bee Caps, it's best to experiment. Substitute your dinnertime Bee Caps with two at lunch if you find they keep you up at night, or take just one at night or even three at lunch. Again, experimenting is key!

Our Bee Caps are an economical way to achieve better health, vitality and well-being. For only 66¢ per day, you can feel more refreshed and energized while also boosting your immune system and brain function.

High quality nutrition products at reasonable prices!

The most perfect food supplement money can buy, our Bee Caps are a body-charging blend of the beehive's four elements:

  • Bee Propolis — nature's most potent antibiotic
  • Bee Pollen — often called nature's most "perfect" food
  • Royal Jelly — a natural rejuvenator
  • Raw Honey — an instant energy builder

Far more beneficial than any supplement created in a lab, our Bee Caps contain ALL of the known vitamins, minerals and nutrients considered ESSENTIAL by the National Research Council.

Our Bee Caps and other products are synergistically formulated and contain only necessary ingredients in order to ensure effectiveness. Here's more information on each ingredient in our Bee Caps:

Bee Pollen (500 mgs per caplet)

Often referred to as a "perfect" food, doctors in Europe often prescribe bee pollen as a supplement to increase energy and vitality, since it is packed with 22 nutrients necessary to our diet. Bee pollen has been shown to improve strength and stamina, and when coupled with a sensible diet can be a valuable weight loss tool. We procure our bee pollen from areas all over the world and "cross-blend" for maximum effectiveness.

Bee Propolis (200 mgs per caplet)

The most sterile place found in nature is the bee hive — and this is made possible by bee propolis. Made up of waxes, resins, balsams, oils and a small amount of pollen, bee propolis neutralizes any bacteria, fungi or virus that may enter the hive. Our propolis is gathered from all over the world and is temperature controlled to assure maximum freshness and consistency.

Royal Jelly (100 mgs per caplet)

Created by worker bees, royal jelly transforms an ordinary female bee into the queen bee by increasing her life span from 3 months to 5+ years. Royal jelly is a rich and natural source of the B complex vitamins, as well as many other nutrients, trace minerals and amino acids.

Raw Honey (50 mgs per caplet)

Virtually free of bacteria (which is why it almost never spoils), raw honey is an instant energy-building food that contains all the essential minerals for sustaining life. Our raw honey is freeze-dried, which helps retain all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are naturally occurring. The amount of raw honey in each caplets equates to less than 3 calories.

120 caplets per bottle

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