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All the benefits of Bee Caps, now with insulin-regulating chromium!

What is chromium? A required nutrient, chromium is necessary for the proper function of insulin. It was discovered to affect the insulin reaction in the early 60s by researcher Dr. Walter Mertz. He named the overall action Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) and identified the vitamin niacin as the nutrient that made it biologically active.

Bee Caps Plus contains a patented form of chromium polynicotinate — that is, chromium bound to nicotinic acid (a form of niacin) Note that it does not contain nicotine!

What does it do? Without biologically active chromium, or GTF, insulin cannot regulate your appetite, curb sugar and carbohydrate cravings nor allow your body to properly burn calories. When operating correctly, insulin prevents the breakdown of lean body tissue and enhances thyroid function. But it can’t do any of this without biologically active chromium!

What's so special about the chromium in Bee Caps Plus? Chromium is found in a number of sources, but only 10% of this is biologically active. Other supplemental forms of chromium are simply not as effective as Bee Caps Plus. Some contain large amounts of inorganic chromium salts, which may even be slightly toxic if ingested over an extended period of time! But independent studies show that Bee Caps Plus is 18 times more effective than similar compounds.

Bee Pollen 500mg
Bee Propolis 150mg
Royal Jelly 50mg
Chromium 125mcg


120 caplets per bottle

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